The Filgates have a new
bilingual (English/Spanish)
book publishing company!

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Two of the books featuring Leonard’s whimsical artwork
are available only through Cotton Candy Books.

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FilgateART Press also has
The Missing Kingdom available through CreateSpace, an Amazon Company.

Click here to buy your copy of The Missing Kingdom, featuring illustrations by Leonard Filgate.

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This whimsical story is about a king who becomes quite befuddled when his kingdom inexplicably goes missing. His loyal subjects are at a loss to help, despite their best efforts... until a brilliant young woman solves the mystery and makes all right again.

Trim size of the book is 8" x 10", 32 pages, full color, paperback
Printed in USA
List Price:  $12.00


RIP SQUEAK Books Created by The Filgates
(Nearly a half million Rip Squeak® Books sold to-date.)

Children’s Books

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Available online at Amazon and other fine bookstores.

Art Books (Collector Books - out-of-print)

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We hope that more books and new editions
of some old titles will be coming soon.
Please feel free to
contact us with any questions.